Friday, 26 July 2013

Baby Bath Products

It’s the best news in the world to discover that you are going to be a mum, and even better when your little one arrives and you know that you have played such an important part in creating that life. However, we know that with motherhood comes great responsibility!

One of the scariest, yet most essential tasks is bathing your baby. It never seems to be quite as easy as it looks and babies are a lot more slippery than you would imagine when wet. We know that this task can seem daunting so it is important that you are prepared and have the right products to hand when tackling baby bath time.

We all know that babies skin is more delicate than our own, and indeed we need to use products specifically formulated for babies skin to prevent reactions to harsher products. 
 Unfortunately choosing the right products for your baby might not always be as easy as you think. There are literally hundreds of baby products to choose from and you will find yourself wading through hundreds of the same product trying to discern the differences between them and whether or not they are right for your little one.

Here are some of the things you should consider before investing in some of the baby bath products available:

  • Probably the most important item will be a baby bath. You cannot bathe your baby effectively without one. They really do make the task easier and are safer than the alternatives. Make sure that you buy a bath made from quality plastic without small parts that can become detached and create a hazard for your little one.
  • Some may argue that the next most important product for baby bath time are toys! Buy only toys which pass international safety standards and do not contain any nasty chemicals (don’t forget that little ones explore with their mouths and any toys you give them should be devoid of small parts that may cause a choking hazard).

  •  It is important that you have the right washcloths and towels, rough ones can damage your baby’s skin and cause irritation. We recommend buying only natural cotton products which are completely organic and free from chemicals, whilst being very delicate on the skin..

  •   When choosing soap or shampoo, choose one that is unscented. Scents are often indicators of chemicals being included in the product and sensitive baby skin can react to the artificial fragrances in these products.  Using unscented, organic products will help you to protect your little ones skin.

  •   When buying bath products we also recommend that you read the labels and where possible buy only the ones which are labeled hypo-allergenic or organic. This means that while the product is reliable enough to remove dirt and germs in your baby's skin, the product is also light on chemicals that can irritate baby's sensitive skin.

  •  Products that are formulated for sensitive skin are also good for babies. Usually these products are formulated especially for baby’s delicate skin and you can be confident that they will help you to protect your baby’s skin at bath time.

When buying bath products for anyone or giving bath and soap favors, you should make quality your top priority, especially for newborn babies. Caring for baby's skin is one of our top priorities and we make sure that we only stock organic, natural products that are designed specifically for babies so you can be safe in the knowledge that we are looking out for your little one too.

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