Tuesday, 17 September 2013

How to Properly Dress Your Child and Why It’s so Important

Dressing your child properly is an often overlooked part of being a parent. We all understand that we should feed our children healthy food, make sure they get plenty of exercise and are well educated. But what if the clothes they wore when growing up were just as important?

It Keeps them Healthy and Saves You Money

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you raising a child isn’t easy, especially in todays tough economic climate. It’s no surprise one of parents biggest concerns is money. Buying expensive clothes for their children just isn’t a viable option.

But what if investing in quality clothing actually saved you money in the long run?

Think about it, you can buy a mass produced jumper made from cheap material for £6 that will need replacing perhaps five times in any given year. Or you can buy one £25 jumper that’s made from high quality materials, produced with care and is kind to your child's skin.

Saving you £5 over a 12 month period. And that’s just on one item.

The savings don’t end there either. 

Dressing Children Properly in Winter

Making sure your child is dressed properly for winter might seem like something you don’t need to be told. But we often see parents that are just too busy to dress their kids properly for the cold weather. Or they just don’t have the right quality clothing to keep them warm.

Not only is this irresponsible on the parents part but it’s actually costing you money. It might not seem like it but think about the effort, loss of time and expense on medicine when your child gets ill from not being properly protected in the winter.

You’ll be up at night checking they are ok, taking days off work to look after them and forking out on expensive medicines. 

All of this can be avoided if you just invest in high quality children's clothing and ensure your chid is dressed properly in clothes that are made to last, made for comfort and made for warmth.

Just like all of our ranges here at Good For Babies.

It Impacts Their Future

As you know, at a young age children learn by imitating and replicating their parents. The way they behave as an adult will be directly linked to how they were treated when growing up. 

If you’re dressing your child in unfashionable, cheap and poor quality clothing you are setting them up to continue this trend throughout their teenage years and into young adulthood. 

As we’ve pointed out, it’s not a question of money. Quality clothing lasts longer than cheap mass produced items and the extra benefits by way of style, design and comfort make buying cheap clothes seem a complete waste of time.

The best way to educate your child on the benefits of smart clothes shopping and even smarter dress sense is to start now. You’ll be setting them up for a brighter future and one day they will be sure to thank you for it.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

How to Dress Your Child - 8 Trends in Children's Fashion

Let’s take a look at some of the top trends today in the world of children's fashion. Want to find out what to dress your little ones in? Read on as we focus on the practical, the famous and the downright strange. 

Bodysuits that ‘Pop’

And t-shirts, leggings, and sleep suits that make a statement. It’s all very well kitting out your new born in neutral designs and pastel colours, and there’s definitely a time and a place for it, but if you want to stand out striking designs and bold colours are the in thing.

Iconic Images

Iconic and cultural images are finding their way onto all manner of children’s clothing. It’s now very common to find prints that feature city skylines, regional icons such as London buses, and cultural images like American sport scenes (think motor racing, baseball etc) printed across childrenswear.

Fur Coats?

We said we’d look at some strange trends, we also said we’d look at the famous, and here they are combined. We give you Alia Wang, the 4 year old niece of famous designer Alexander Wang. Fur coats won’t be for every 4 year old, but when your uncle is a fashion icon you can probably get away with it. 

‘Look at Me’ Footwear

If you struggle to get your kids into practical footwear like wellington boots and sensible walking shoes this trend might help. Boring footwear no longer needs to be an option, parents are moving beyond Crocs to give their kids shoes that are designed to grab attention. They might be designed as an animal, feature typography or made to match an outfit. Either way they are sure to catch the eye and be easier to tease your little monsters feet into.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are back (did they ever really go away?) and we’re pleased to hear it. More suited to girls than boys, polka dots can spice up any item of clothing. As seen here featured on a snazzy pair of socks.

Cropped Leggings

We all know leggings are a great way to keep a little ladies legs warm and safe. Now with cropped leggings you can avoid any wet or worn ends. They’re also great under skirts and dresses keeping a formal look and your little ones dignity should a gust of wind leave her like Marilyn Monroe!  


The tutu is a great way to create a stylish and distinctive look. Drawing on the playful nature of dressing up and combining it with full edged skirts to deliver a smart alternative to the standard skirt. Pair with cropped leggings to really be on trend.


Much like the iconic image trend, typography is also a big craze sweeping across childrenswear. From capital cities to inspirational quotes, to sports teams and exclamations of joy. Just about any word or phrase can be found stylishly printed on childrenswear these days.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Kids Fashion. Getting it Right; the Italian Way.

Today children are more fashion conscious than ever. Excited by the images they see in film and TV of their favourite music and sports stars. They become aware of the importance of looking good at such a young age.

This creates a problem for us parents, tight on budgets and concerned about the quality of designer clothes. Yet wishing to dress our sons and daughters in smart and fashionable kids clothing.

Well thankfully, designer children’s wear doesn’t always have to break the bank, and it can also be great quality. Giving you long lasting, practical clothes, and your kids the style they crave.

Quality Children’s Clothes at Great Prices

Because we stock our clothes straight from the designer we can offer fantastic prices. Meaning you don’t need to miss out on the pair of shoes you personally have your eye on, in order to afford having your kids look just as fashionable as you do. 

Designer Jumper - £19.50

In addition, some of our suppliers, such as Italian fashion designer Bruno Toscano, are only stocked by a very limited number of British stores. 

We are very proud to be one such store.

So, if high-end kids clothing is on your shopping list, and Italian quality at affordable prices sounds good to you. Take a look at some of the unique items we have in store. 

The Importance of Proper Clothing for Kids

It’s all very well buying designer baby clothes and fashionable kids wear but it’s important to make sure you are still buying the appropriate type of clothing to allow your child to still be a child.

Children want to look good, but they won’t look after their clothes the way you and I would. They’ll also get up to all sorts of mischief and mayhem that will mean their clothing needs to be appropriate to the use it will see.

Royal Blue Leggings - £16

We personally check and assess all of the clothing ranges we hand pick for our site to ensure we are only selling children's clothing that is not just fashionable but also top quality.

Many of our designers are British based, using the finest materials for both our baby clothing and children’s ranges.

So you can celebrate your child’s individuality and style, safe in the comfort of knowing the clothes you have bought them are fit for the job. 

They won’t fall apart after one wash, the knees won’t tear after one weekend spent outdoors, and they will keep their shape and comfort for as long as you need them to.

Summer / Autumn Specials

With summer set to stay for at least another few weeks and the possibility of a warm September ushering in the Autumn months. Stock up your kids wardrobe with some fashionable essentials whilst you remember.

Striped Dress - £30

We particularly like this pretty striped dress from Bruno Toscano. Featuring a detachable wrap around hood for when the sun goes down and it gets a bit chilly. It’s versatility makes it a winner with everyone.

Check back soon as we’ll be looking at some fashion trends sweeping the kids clothing market.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Baby Bath Products

It’s the best news in the world to discover that you are going to be a mum, and even better when your little one arrives and you know that you have played such an important part in creating that life. However, we know that with motherhood comes great responsibility!

One of the scariest, yet most essential tasks is bathing your baby. It never seems to be quite as easy as it looks and babies are a lot more slippery than you would imagine when wet. We know that this task can seem daunting so it is important that you are prepared and have the right products to hand when tackling baby bath time.

We all know that babies skin is more delicate than our own, and indeed we need to use products specifically formulated for babies skin to prevent reactions to harsher products. 
 Unfortunately choosing the right products for your baby might not always be as easy as you think. There are literally hundreds of baby products to choose from and you will find yourself wading through hundreds of the same product trying to discern the differences between them and whether or not they are right for your little one.

Here are some of the things you should consider before investing in some of the baby bath products available:

  • Probably the most important item will be a baby bath. You cannot bathe your baby effectively without one. They really do make the task easier and are safer than the alternatives. Make sure that you buy a bath made from quality plastic without small parts that can become detached and create a hazard for your little one.
  • Some may argue that the next most important product for baby bath time are toys! Buy only toys which pass international safety standards and do not contain any nasty chemicals (don’t forget that little ones explore with their mouths and any toys you give them should be devoid of small parts that may cause a choking hazard).

  •  It is important that you have the right washcloths and towels, rough ones can damage your baby’s skin and cause irritation. We recommend buying only natural cotton products which are completely organic and free from chemicals, whilst being very delicate on the skin..

  •   When choosing soap or shampoo, choose one that is unscented. Scents are often indicators of chemicals being included in the product and sensitive baby skin can react to the artificial fragrances in these products.  Using unscented, organic products will help you to protect your little ones skin.

  •   When buying bath products we also recommend that you read the labels and where possible buy only the ones which are labeled hypo-allergenic or organic. This means that while the product is reliable enough to remove dirt and germs in your baby's skin, the product is also light on chemicals that can irritate baby's sensitive skin.

  •  Products that are formulated for sensitive skin are also good for babies. Usually these products are formulated especially for baby’s delicate skin and you can be confident that they will help you to protect your baby’s skin at bath time.

When buying bath products for anyone or giving bath and soap favors, you should make quality your top priority, especially for newborn babies. Caring for baby's skin is one of our top priorities and we make sure that we only stock organic, natural products that are designed specifically for babies so you can be safe in the knowledge that we are looking out for your little one too.

Bruno Toscano

Bruno Toscano opened the first tailoring studio specifically for children, this was back in 1977 in the city of Florence in Italy. From these humble beginnings, the Bruno Toscano brand has become famed as an international leader of style and quality for childrenswear and is recognised across the world.

Bruno Toscano prides itself on making clothing for children and teenagers alike and works hard to ensure that the clothes are accessible to everyone, regardless of where they live or who they are. The company aims to help break down social barriers and stigmas by creating a brand that can be enjoyed by children across the globe, no matter their race, religion or class.

Not only does the brand work hard to ensure that its clothes are accessible to all, but it believes that children are all individuals and should be able to express themselves freely in the way they dress and the clothes they wear. Here at Goodforbabies we love that children can combine the clothing in ways that are unique to them and express their personality through the individual items created by Bruno Toscano. The brand endeavours to create fashionable items that children and teenagers alike will enjoy. The high quality of all of the items sold, ensures that they wash beautifully and stand the test of time and we know tht mums are big fans of the brand too for this very reason, after all how many teenagers do you know that do their own washing and ironing!

Knowing that quality is such an important concept for our customers we strive to ensure that we stock only the best brands and know from experience that Bruno Toscano is just such a brand. Right from the initial design idea, through to the final product, the company’s quality control procedures are very extensive. 

For those of mums out there it is also comforting to know that  whilst Bruno Toscano makes clothing for children, unlike many other competitor companies who source and sell children’s clothing, Bruno Toscano don’t use children to make their clothing. They work to ensure that child labour is not used in the production of their garments and pride themselves on this fact. The brand also works hard to make sure that the production of its clothing has as little impact on the environment as possible, whilst they want to create accessible and fashionable clothing choices for children they also want to protect the environment for future generations. We know that many mums out there want to find ways to be greener and whether that be buy recycling more or buying more sustainable products, it is a comfort for many to know that Bruno Toscano not only produce beautiful clothing for children but also do their bit to help to preserve our environment for the future.

With the vast array of choice out there for the children of today Bruno Toscano aims to create eye catching and fashionable choices that can be enjoyed by a wide array of children. With their range of teenage clothing, they also aim to provide an alternative to the more classical high street stores and brands that are available. The brand positively encourages individuality and are constantly changing the range to keep up with current trends and fashion. We feel confident that you will love their products and so will your children and teenagers!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Things to Keep in Mind while Buying Children’s Sleeping Bags

The convenience that children’s sleeping bags provide has made them extremely popular today. They are also very versatile and can be used instead of blankets. Thus, you only need to buy a sleeping bag for your kid and that bag will serve purposes at home, during camping, on the beach, and wherever else you like going. You don’t need to pay extra for everything because a sleeping bag will play all the roles you want it to. Sleeping bags also make very good gifts for kids and young children.

Buying childrens sleeping bags is not all that difficult if you know what you are looking for. you should just be careful about your choice so that your kids end up liking them. Also, you should ensure that the bag you purchase is comfortable as well as useful. Some bags only look great and are not durable at all. You shouldn’t get cheated with such products. When you make your purchase, you should see beyond how the sleeping bag actually looks and discover more.

The first and the most important tip while purchasing sleeping bags for kids is to actually pay close attention to the quality of the bag. Of course you plan on just buying the bag once and expect it to last long. You should make your choice accordingly. Durability is especially important if your family loves camping and you generally go on outings. At such times, you need a sleeping bag can withstand rock hard and uneven surfaces of rocky places. Another tip is to ensure that they are easy to carry and maintain. Elastic straps are of utmost importance. Along with that, the material should be washable and reusable for a long time.

The next important thing to focus upon is the comfort level. No matter how pretty the sleeping bag may be, if it is not comfortable, your child will not bother with it at all. You will find many options of material to choose from. Cotton fill and polyester fill are very popular and are also very good choices. Fleece is also good. Each material has different types from low quality to high quality. You should choose high quality, of course. The material is very important because low quality material could give your kids rashes, irritation, and allergies.

Finally, you should think of the design. You may not care for the design much but kids give this a lot of importance. As long as the sleeping bag satisfies the aforementioned criteria, you should let your child choose the design and pattern himself. For boys you could choose solid colors or action figure themes and for girls you could choose flowers, princesses, and other such patterns. Allowing your child to select is a smart idea.

Now that you know how to select childrens sleeping bags, you will be able to make a great choice with ease. You can buy over the Internet of course but you should be very careful to choose the right seller. If you can find a good, reliable seller, you won’t have to worry about anything else.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Selecting the Best Baby Shoes for Boys

Babies are extremely delicate. They need to be protected from the elements of nature such as heat and cold. Even slight carelessness can cause them a lot of harm. This is because babies are still in their developmental stages. Their body is still developing. They are getting adjusted to the outside world and that takes some time. During this time you should be extremely careful about all your baby’s requirements. You should ensure you fulfill all of them so that your baby is safe and protected.

Many parents understand this need and thus buy very good quality clothes for their babies. They buy extremely comfortable clothes that are also protective and keep their babies safe. However, a few parents miss out on the importance of shoes. Remember that a baby’s feet are very delicate. During the cold weather, the cold seeps through the feet and if you don’t protect his feet, your baby will catch a very severe cold. For kids, even a cold can be debilitating. Hence, you should be very careful.

When you look around you’ll find numerous different options of baby shoes for boys and girls. For girls you can choose feminine colors such as pink and white. For boys you can choose blue and green. There are many different options when it comes to shoes for boys. You can choose various patterns if you wish too. If you are looking to give them as gifts, you can make them even special by having the baby boy’s name engraved onto them. Such personalized gifts will serve as souvenirs later on.

The most important thing to keep in mind while selecting the right baby shoes for boys is the comfort level. Your baby will hate to wear shoes if they are not comfortable. Every time you try he will create havoc and may be even start crying. Thus, comfort is highly important. The material should be soft but also durable at the same time.

Another very important thing is the fitting. The right size is always an issue with babies because they grow so quickly. Thus, you will need a few pairs of increasing sizes. If you try making your baby wear the same pair of baby shoes for boys even after he has grown out of them, you will put him in a lot of pain. The shoes will be tight and highly uncomfortable. They will also irritate his skin and give him rashes. This is why it is important that you pay special attention to the right size and keep changing the shoes.

When you look online you will find a variety of shoes made especially for boys. These shoes are comfortable, reliable, and protective. They also let your baby’s feet breathe so that he does not feel irritated. Your job is to just look for the right seller who sells top-quality shoes at reasonable rates. Just a little research over the Internet will help you find the best with ease. Make sure you only buy from a reputed seller so that you don’t get cheated.